Olive Catchstar Commissions

Hi! I'm Olive and I'm opening fanfic commissions! I'm in a very tough place right now and would really appreciate if you checked out what I have to offer!

Slots Taken:

Commission Prices

Poem: $5

Rhyming Poem: $10

Oneshot (1000 - 2000 words): $15

Chapter (3000 - 4000 words): $25

Complete Two Chapter Fic (5000 - 8000 words): $50

Additional Chapters (+3000 - 4000 words): +$20

Ocs: $5 per oc + detailed description

Fandoms I Don't Know: +$10 research fee

For references to my work, please go to my archiveofourown account below. Along with it is a link to my email for questions, or if you'd like to take any available slot. If you'd like to go back to the main page, click the home button.

Terms of Service

TextTerms Of Service

My interests include-

♡Steven Universe♡

If you are in an unrelated fandom I may not know about the characters and will have to do research. There is a $10.00 fee for research (except for poems!) and I may ask for detailed descriptions of the characters involved and the plot. I reserve the right to turn down any fandom that makes me uncomfortable/I do not want to do.

What I will do-

☆Monsters (Including feral)☆
☆Watersports/Omorashi (Everything short of piss drinking)☆
☆Vomit (Specifically not kink related and absolutely NO consumption)☆
☆Ocs (Must have a detailed description and THOROUGH communication)☆
☆All kinks or topics are negotiable☆

What I Will Not Do-

♤Underage Characters♤
♤Incest (Aside from HoneyMustard)♤
♤Feet in any way shape or form♤
♤I reserve the right to turn down specific pairings/ships that make me uncomfortable. Discuss it with me first♤